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Dermal threads as a solution of aging

Do you have sagging contours of the face, drooping eyebrows, wrinkles or bags under the eyes? Would you like to undergo a lifting but you do not want to let somebody “cut” you? You may have not heard it yet, but aesthetic medicine has a completely new solution.

It is dermal threads, which have a lifting effect which and at the same time ensure volume modelling and lift wrinkles. This is a mini-invasive aesthetic procedure that we realize with a special bio-absorbable threads.

The procedure is almost painless, really effective and has lasting effect. It is implemented without a scalpel and without scar formation. After the procedure the skin heals quickly and the treatment is also affordable

Skin lifting

The principle of this procedure is the application of special absorbable threads under the skin where wrinkles or flaccidity are. Threads initially act on the body as a foreign element, in place of their application increased production of collagen is created, connective tissue and vessels. The skin naturally stretches and the collagen structure remains at the area, even if the threads are absorbed. The result lasts till 2-5 years!

New vessels and connective tissue result in improving the quality, strength and blood circulation of the skin. New collagen has also lifting effect. In combination with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin are dermal threads the most requested aesthetic procedure ever

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Because the result affects not only the quality of the material, but also dermatologist's skill and experience. The procedure itself is not demanding. First, we place of treatment anesthetize with anaesthetic cream, it is completely painless. Then we apply to the skin threads with required length (12-90mm) with needles or hollow cannulas. During the procedure you feel almost nothing, because you have had anesthetized applied area.

At RYANT we are use qualitative dermal threads. Their strength has a value of 1-0 (0,5mm) which is strongest material that is recently available on the market. 

The result is influenced with the composition and structure of the thread. The thread is hypoallergenic, has no side effects and it is 100% decomposable. The body naturally decomposes it and absorbs within 6-8 months.


What you should know
before the treatment

The procedure cannot be taken by patients, who have eczema or infection in treated place. It is also not recommended for patients, who are take blood thinners.

After the procedure, you can expect mild swelling and tenderness at the application area with threads. It may create a mild asymmetry of the face or small blood clots. These aesthetic shortcomings, should be immediately covered with make-up after the procedure.

A few days, after the procedure the threads can gently shine through the skin or can be touchable. These treatment effects will disappear within a few days. You should cool and not expose the place of treatment to sunlight.

During the first two weeks after the treatment, we recommend not to do significant facial movements (heavy chewing, facial wrinkling), and you should also avoid heavy congestion of the face (sport, sauna, lifting heavy things, leaning forward). One month after treatment you should not take beauty treatments and facial massage. 

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