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When can be the birthmarks dangerous?

The birthmarks are actually clusters of pigment-forming cells. They appear on the skin, mucous membranes, as well as the internal organs. The most birthmarks are harmless.

Some of them may be suspected, so they show some signs of malignancy and can be dangerous.

Malignant skin tumours are really dangerous. The most frequently are basal cell carcinoma is melanoblastoma, in short, melanoma. It is the most deadly cancer in human body and the only way to cure it is timely removal the initial forms of melanoma. 

Examination and removal of birthmarks

The dermatoscopic examination is the first step that should be taken by each patient due to possible risk related to the birthmarks. Dermatoscope is examination of birthmarks with dermatoscope and it ranks among the most important skills of a good and experienced dermatologist.

Digital dermatoscope is an extension of dermatoscopy. In this case the birthmarks are analysed not only by the doctor but also by intelligent software. It archives the digital images and compares the birthmarks within the timeline. Thanks to that we are able to detect even the imperceptible changes in the birthmark.

The birthmarks have to be removed in certain cases. Whether, it is because of their riskiness, or malignancy, but also can be removed even for aesthetic reasons. In the first and second case, we have a wide choice of removal methods.

The first one is plastic surgical excision. It is carried out after a local anesthesia with anaesthetic and although it is removed by a scalpel, that requires stitching, we are trying for the best to provide aesthetic result.

The second one is CO2 excision, or the laser removal. This process is much gentler to the surrounding of birthmark and the wound bleeds significantly less. Even the stitching s not needed at all.

The method of removal is chosen by the doctor based on the size and also the type of the birthmark.

If you want to know more details about the different methods, read the blog article about removing of birthmarks.

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What you should know
before the treatment

What to except after the procedure and how to take care of the surgical area? Here are the most basic information:

Plastic surgical removal (excision)

After the procedure, the wound will be stitched with, sterile cover and threated by a fixation seal against infection and bleeding. If the top bandage becomes dirty, you can replace it by yourself.  Lower hidden bandage (seal) still remains sterile, which reduces the risk of infection. You shall come back for removal of the stitches after approximately 7 to 14 days after the surgery. The time depends on the extent and the type of excision. During all this time, you should protect the wound against water and mechanical tension. This way you shall speed up the healing process.

Laser removal (CO2 excision)

Because there are no stitches inside the wound and neither the tension, you can exercise and work immediately after the procedure. However, you should keep the wound dry and clean. It must not get wet, otherwise there is a risk of penetration of infection. During showering or when doing sport, it can be just sealed with water resistant bandage.

After the procedure you will have the wound taped for 24 hours, then just treat it with anti-inflammatory skin cream and allow it to dry. Gradually, it creates the scab, which within a week or two falls off. At the wound area remains the newly established pink-purple epithelium - new skin. This place you need to protect from UV rays and light until it will have the same pigmentation as the surrounding skin. It may take several months, usually 3 to 6.

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