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Do you mind your skin tags?

The skin tags are any skin projections that we cannot normally find on healthy skin. But the term skin tags says nothing about its origin.

It may be purely an aesthetic issue that carries no health risk. Among this skin tags belong, for example fibroids (mucosal outgrowths), senile warts, hemangioma, syringomas, miles, xanthelasma etc.

However, there are the skin tags that can represent serious health problem or even life-threatening condition. This, for instance, called cutaneous horn is a certain type of skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma). Therefore you should let the dermatologist check the skin tags from the timeline.

Examination and removal of skin tags

As the origin of skin tags may be various, it must be examined by a doctor - dermatologist first. If we do not have 100% certainty, that the skin tag is benign (non-cancerous), we always send it for histological examination after the removal. Although, histology take some time, but especially your health, our peaceful sleep and also the prestige of the clinic worth it.

If we are sure that the skin tag is benign, the most appropriate method of removal is called evaporation. This is a firing of skin tag with CO2 laser.

If we are not sure of the origin of skin tag, we have a choice of two methods. The first one is surgical removal, or excision in special jargon. After the excision of skin tag with scalpel, we always send it for histological examination,

The second option is CO2 excision, or excision with the laser. Even after this type of procedure we send the skin tag to histology. 

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What you should know
before the treatment

The method of removing of outgrowth is chosen according to its size and character. Before the surgery we anesthetize the area of skin tag. In some cases it is necessary to close the wound after surgery with stitches. The stitches we leave in the wound for about 7 to 14 days.

In most cases the suture is not necessary. At that time, the patient comes for examination about 1-2 months after the procedure. The time of examination depends on the type of surgery and the supposed histology. 

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