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Excessive sweating as an aesthetic problem

Sweating is a physiological condition which follows as response to overheating of the body. Triggers can be physical exertion, mental exertion or pyrexia.

If you experience excessive sweating for no apparent reason, it is called hyperhidrosis. At the beginning it is always important to search for cause of excessive sweating. It can be because of hormones (thyroid disorders), sex hormones (gynecological problems, irregular cycle) or it may cause some substances, for example caffeine. If sweating is caused by any of these causes, we treat the initial cause and do not suppress the sweating.

If we do not find the cause of sweating, we are talking about the condition called primary hyperhidrosis. In this case, we can think about how to suppress excessive sweating to not to cause discomfort and aesthetic problem. 

Removing of sweating with botulinum toxin

The most modern way to remove excessive sweating, is the application of botulinum toxin directly to the area of excessive sweating. It may be well armpits, palms, footmarks or hair area of head. We can use botulinum toxin in all those places.

At RYANT Clinic we use the best quality of botulinum toxin in the world market by reputable manufacturers. We use products as Dysport, Botox, Vistabelle, Bocouture, which we apply after local anesthesia with cooling pads. Thanks to that it will mean really minimal discomfort within the procedure for you.

The effect of botulinum toxin to stop sweating at the applied area lasts up to 9 months

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What you should know
before the procedure

Patients are often concerned about application of botulinum toxin to one area of the body shall increase sweating in other parts of the body. But these fears are unnecessary.

For example, armpits wells represent only 2% of body surface, and by removing of sweating from small part, there is no noticeable increase of sweating in other places. How do we know? It is confirmed by many patients who took this procedure repeatedly.

The second groundless fears in this procedure is fear from toxicity of the applied material. Although the botulinum toxin has in the name toxin, it does not constitute a medically health risk to the patient.

Lethal Dose within respiratory paralysis is 100-1000x higher than at application during dermatological or neurological procedures. Botulinum toxin is used in the medical field since 1950 and still there were no long-term side effects. The usefulness of this method confirms tens of millions of satisfied patients worldwide.

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