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Vessels and varicose veins - what to do with them?

Mainly the age is responsible for small advanced vessels. They appear usually after age of 40. year, but sometimes they may occur after age of 20.

Vessels are visible red hair-like and later blending rednesses, which are formed in cheeks, nose, chin and chest. Bluish shining vessels we can find in the calves and thighs and we commonly call them varicose veins at the lower limps.

Why do they actually occur? The vessel spreads and becomes visible by age and inside the vessel inferior tissue is weakening. Vessels are responsible for the accelerated aging of the skin due to sunlight and UV light (photo aging), pregnancy and childbirth at women, high pressure in the venous system in the lung and liver diseases, incorrect sitting (legs crossed) and other causes.


Removal of vessels with the laser

At RYANT clinic we use vascular laser for vessels removal. The essence of the procedure is laser destruction of the enlarged vessel. Destroyed vessel is naturally absorbed by itself.

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What you should know
before the procedure

What the procedure means in practice and what can you expect after?

This procedure may not be taken by patients with anticoaguant therapy (thinning blood with warfain, fraxiparin or similar substance). It is effective and safe for the vessels to a width of 1,2 mm. You should take care of the treatment area with antibiotic cream and after healing with protective cream with UV factor of 50+.  

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