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Dermatology clinic

Part of RYANT clinic is also equipped with modern private dermatology clinic. We use the latest technologies, thanks to which we can offer above standard solution to your skin problem.
We treating all skin problems, among others, for example acne, warts, birthmarks, outgrowth, enlarged vessels or eczema. Our goal is you to have healthy skin. In that, skin is the largest organ of human body and and protects us from the outside world,, we should be given attention enough.
Make an appointment to examination at us and try the above standard, but affordable care "on your own skin."

Aesthetic clinic

If is your priority a beauty, at RYANT clinic you will be in the right hands. Modern advances in aesthetic medicine allow to us to slow the aging process or rejuvenate the skin.
Our top technologies will help you regain confidence and at the same time taking care of the skin enjoy to the maximum well-being. Many treatments are non-invasive and have excellent results. We can help you with a problems like wrinkles, cellulite, unwanted body hair, scars, spots, stretch marks or sagging facial contours.
Do not worry with what can be resolved. Help you modern aesthetic medicine and team of RYANT clinic.

Urology clinic

Not only the skin and allergies, but also modern urology. The specialized urological clinic is also part of RYANT clinic, it is led by MD. Peter Blaško – Urology specialist with more than 13 years of diagnostic and operating practice.
You will get an appointment for exact day and time, and we shall welcome you in pleasant and attractive premises. They include modern operation theatre and own sonogram.
Please visit us, if the erection is causing you the worry, if you have a problem with the frenum, or you would like to undergo the removal of fertility in men (vasectomy) or increasingly popular circumcision. We are glad to help you with any other heath or aesthetic urological problem.

Allergology clinic

Allergies are often responsible for the skin problems. Perhaps you did not not even know about it, and your eczema, itching and redness, skin rashes, or even hives (urticaria), swelling or anaphylactic shock can be caused by the allergy. And therefore in our RYANT clinic modern allergology clinic found its place in addition to dermatology and aesthetics clinic.
How can we help you? Firs of all, we shall conduct the allergy tests, which could detect hypersensitivity to chemicals from cosmetic and cleaning products and also reaction to the most common food allergens normally found in our climate zone. If the test confirms the allergy, the doctor shall set the treatment to you in a way, so that your skin would not suffer.

Zubná ambulancia

Máte problém so zubami? Naša špičkovo vybavená ambulancia v moderných priestoroch RYANT clinic ponúka širokú škálu stomatologických služieb, zákrokov a protetických náhrad. Profesionalita a individuálny prístup ku každému klientovi sú u nás samozrejmosťou. Pod zväčšovacou optikou vykonávame ošetrenia zubných kazov, endodontické ošetrenia a rekonštrukcie zubov, pričom veľký dôraz kladieme aj na prevenciu stomatologických ochorení. Snažíme sa klientom pomáhať prekonať strach z návštevy zubného lekára, ktorý často vedie k odkladom potrebných návštev zubnej ordinácie. Príďte skôr, než bude neskoro, a presvedčte sa, že návšteva zubára môže byť príjemná.

Why Ryant Clinic?
international experiences
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latest equipment
The examinations except of acute conditions are for pre-ordered date
Branch: Žilina
make an appointment to +421 950 526 846

Contractual insurances

Above-standard private health care does not have to be expensive at all. Although, we are not contractors of any insurance company, you do not worry that you leave at us staggering sum.
Initial examination and adjustment of the treatment costs 17 €, the price additionally includes ordering without waiting for a specific date, also in the afternoon..
If you ask why we do not have actually contract with insurance companies, the answer is quite simple. Many quality treatments and procedures such as digital dermatoscope, remove vessels by laser or painless and gentle excision of marks by laser knife insurances does not overstuff. Likewise with drugs. There are basic drugs that the insurance company does not pay, and therefore it contractual doctors prescribe. And then there are above-standard treatments options, which healthy insurances do not pay, although, it can significantly shorten treatment and improve the health of the patient.
How much does it cost at us? All prices of examinations and procedures can be found in the relevant sections of our website. At RYANT clinic we believe in transparent prices and the fact, that health is worth to invest in..

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