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How are wrinkles created?

Wrinkles are a natural part of our maturing. We are unable to clearly determine, when the wrinkles are created.


Dynamic wrinkles, called also wrinkles of facial expressions, which are created by repetitive activity of muscles. If you frown or laugh often, it is presumable, that the wrinkles appear exactly in the places, where these emotions expressed (facial gestures). Static wrinkles are visible on the face, whether you pull the muscles or not.

Modern methods for the elimination of facial wrinkles

With chosen examination is correctly distinguish what type of wrinkle it is. When we properly determine the origin of the wrinkles we can choose he most appropriate method for their correction.


We are using several methods at RYANT clinic. Botulism toxin is the best choice to eliminate the dynamic wrinkles, hyaluronic acid ensures proper hydration and tissue volume, and in general reduces skin aging. CO2 resurfacing softens and in some cases completely removes starting mimic and facial wrinkles.  Chemical peel is best suited for the treatment of superficial wrinkles.

If you want to know more, you can read our blog article What to do with wrinkles – everything you need to know before you decide.

Make an appointment and try our services "on your own skin"

at our clinic?

Products that we use at RYANT clinic for wrinkles treatment have the highest safety standards. Safety of client is our priority. It is not just the quality of the used materials, but also the manner of the performed procedure. Do not take risks with your health and prefer to entrust yourself to doctor who has many years of experience with wrinkles correction and especially with methods and materials, which may be potentially dangerous in the hands of a layman.

Regarding the materials, we use only the best that the market currently offers.

We also have the most advanced CO2 resurfacing laser that detects the exact type of treated skin and recommends the ideal setting of the device for each patient. Come to try this top quality on your skin. Now literally…

What you should know
before the surgery

Before each treatment you should not have a temperature, or more precisely, feel the latent disease. If you have a specific health problem, first, it is recommended to discuss it individually.


Botulism toxin 

The surgery is not appropriate to do at higher temperature and when you take cures for blood thinning. After application you should exercise areas after application so that it creates better link to nerve endings. During the first 4 hours of application you shall not lean forward, lie down or have other than vertical position of head. The onset of application is from 2 to 12 days. The effect persists for about 3 to 6 months.


Hyaluronic acid 

The procedure should not be proceeded when you have skin inflammation and sensitivity to hyaluronic acid. After the application you may feel soft irritation for about three days. Patients with sensitive skin may feel itching.


CO2 resurfacing 

We do not recommend undergo the surgery before the flight and during the summer. After treatment, the skin is irritated about 3-7 days, you should provide soothing the skin with solution for irritated skin. Protect your skin with UV 50+ for at least 3 months.


Chemical peel 

The treatment you should not be undergone before and during summer months. Because of the risk of pigmentation. If you decide to undergo this procedure before summer, you should use a UV protection of factor 50+.

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