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How are the stretch marks created?

Stretch marks are unpleasant aesthetic problem that leaves on the skin lengthwise, mostly flat scars. They occur at the area of rapid expansion of the tissue under the skin. Stretch marks often occur in the situations such as rapid weight gain (obesity), pregnancy, using of anabolic and steroids or in case of different swellings

An effective methods to remove stretch marks

One of the possible solution to reduce stretch marks is to reapplication of deep chemical peel. The skin "burns" and superficial layer is peeled, thanks to stretch marks are less pigmented and less visible.

The second option is CO2 laser, which is gold standard in reducing of stretch marks. Laser grinds the top layer of the skin and also stimulates the formation of connective tissue in the skin deep. This means less visible stretch marks on the skin and formation of healthy, non-scared tissue under the surface. Result continues to improve within 3 months until it has stabilized.

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Because the deep chemical peel, micro needle and CO2 laser should be used by only certified health-care facilities.

The high concentration of TCA acid at chemical peel is potentially dangerous with unprofessional manipulation. With unprofessional examination there is a risk of burn of the skin and late complication after burning can even change into to malignant turn (skin cancer).

Depth chemical peel can also be done only by a doctor dermatologist.

With the second method the fact is that not all lasers are the same. The advantage of our CO2 laser is auto detection of skin type, which cannot be done at the same level with the human eye. The device contains a detection module that recommends the optimal laser settings for particular patient. This gives a higher efficiency and brings a better result.

What you should know
before the procedure

Stretch marks are scars, and therefore are non-removable. Some facilities will promise you the complete removal of stretch marks but it is not possible. If you take a histological analysis of the skin you will find that you cannot get rid of the stretch marks in a lifetime.

However, our technologies can significantly reduce them, ideally do almost invisible. After the procedure, you should protect your skin from the sun for at least 3 months and use powerful UV factors in creams, or cover the treated areas with long clothing.

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