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Are you annoyed by pigment spots?

Spots on the skin are localized pigmentation changes typical for the face, neck and backs of the hands. They are created either because at that spot the cell multiply creating the skin pigment and they become hyperactive. Why spots are created? The most common cause is sun exposure (photo aging), hormonal changes, pregnancy, hormonal contraceptive use, or application so called photosensitising substances – e.g. perfumes, which within the long-term use can together with sun cause the creation of the spots on the skin. 

Laser or chemical spots removal

You can get rid of pigment spots with two ways.

The first one is a chemical peel, which is actually an application of trichloroacetic acid to those places, where the skin has increased pigmentation. The aim of this procedure is to peel keratinous layers of the skin and therefore lighten uneven pigmentation of the skin.

The peel is applied for several minutes and then the skin is treated with gel mesotherapeutic mask with revitalizing effect with additive pure gold. For best result, you should undergo the treatment for 4-6 times at approximately two-week intervals.

The second one is the removal of spots with CO2 laser. The principle of this treatment is a laser grinding of the surface layer of the skin up to the level where the pigmentation is. Efficient LED laser will cause fragmentation (breaking) of the pigment and removal of (material is metabolized) broken fragments and then the immune system will take care of them. The treatment is repeated at approximately four-week interval until the spot does not blanch. 

Make an appointment and try our services "on your own skin"

at our clinic?

There is a big difference, when you complete chemical peel in the health-care facility or in a beauty salon. At the salon, they can apply only basic, called superficially-acting peel. Only a doctor dermatologist can apply medium-deep peel with a far greater efficiency. This is exactly what you get at our clinic.

In the case of CO2 laser, the result highly depends on the device. At our RYANT clinic, we have the most advanced CO2 laser, which detects the exact type of pigmentation of the skin and recommend the ideal machine settings to achieve the highest possible effect with the lowest damage to surrounding healthy skin. Our LED laser device of the latest generation has as one of the few global products certificate for safety and efficacy by FDA in the USA. The device operates with a wavelength of 808nm with a continuous power increased up to 120J exactly according to the type of pigmentation and skin type. For patient, it is a guarantee of efficiency and for us it is an excellent marketing for the job well-done. 

What you should know
before the procedure

What you should prepare yourself concerning of both procedures? Here are the basic information that you should know:


Chemical peel

The skin is usually irritated, redness and little bit swollen after the procedure. This symptoms we allay with a calming face mask. The skin can be covered with make-up after the treatment. On the third day, the skin begins to peel visible, what is desired condition, removal old dead skin occurs. The skin can be treated at this time with moisturizer cream for irritated skin. You must protect the skin from the sun by hat or UV factor at least 50+. It is not appropriate to do this procedure during the summer months.


CO2 laser

After completing the procedure, it is necessary to protect the skin against the sun with high UV factor. The procedure is not appropriate to be taken before the summer, during the summer, or more precisely before the summer vacation. 

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