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Get rid of body hair

Currently, the hair epilation, or permanent reduction of unwanted hair is very common and requested procedure. Thanks to epilation we can remove the entire little hair with root, even on various parts of the body.

Legs, underarms, bikini or upper lip. Thanks to modern technology, you can get rid of hair everywhere. Even the shade of your skin becomes irrelevant. However, to achieve good results, you must choose the right method. 

Hair removal with the most advanced laser on the market

In the past, the market was dominated with solutions such as IPL or Alexandrite laser. Both of these technologies are outdated now and replaced with more efficient LED fractionated laser diode.

We can set the device to a particular skin prototype and achieve optimal results with well-preserved safety.

Do you want to know, the difference between he older technology and modern LED diode laser of second generation? You can read our blog article Epilation - what really works and what is just an advertising manipulation?

Make an appointment and try our services "on your own skin"

Why at
our clinic?

Because we have absolute novelty in a permanent reduction of unwanted hair. LED diode laser with new technology FLEDL (fractional light emitting diode laser) works with a wavelength of 808 nm with continuous increase of power up to 120J.

We set the intensity precisely in accordance to pigmentation and skin type of specific patient. This is high frequency laser, which spread the power required to burn the hair bulbs in many fast consecutive pulses, even up to 10 per second. Pulse energy is accumulated in the bulb and root dies so much faster.

New technology brought bigger comfort for the client, as well as less risk of burning the surrounding skin. The procedure is much less painful and shorten to ½ times in comparison to the LED diode laser of the previous generation.

Our laser won as one of the few products on the market the certificate of safety and effectiveness of the FDA in the USA. What more to say? You have to try on "your own skin". LED diodes are simply trend nowadays

What you should know
before the procedure

The epilation is suitable for all skin types and body parts. Treatment with LED diode laser device is far less painful, even by 50%.

The procedure is ideal to take with untanned and smooth skin – the day before the procedure it is needed to depilate the place by shawing with a razor via wet procedure. During the procedures you can still shave the growing hair, but not epilate with wax or use other methods in which you pull out the bulb of hair from the skin. These types of methods you should not use for at least six weeks before the first surgery.

How does laser removal proceed? Before the surgery, we apply anaesthetic agent on the skin and laser removes all hair in the active growth phase. Because the inactive hair laser does not capture, the procedure is required to be repeated about four to six times in about four to ten-week intervals.

After the procedure, the skin can be slightly irritated, reddish or swollen. These symptoms usually disappear within hours or days. 

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