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Scars as aesthetic and health problem

Scars are result of skin or internal organs injury. The body deals with the wound in a way that it produces reparative (repair) tissue. That is an exact definition of a scar

Scars may be created by injury, surgeries, vaccination, chickenpox or acne. It is mainly an aesthetic problem, especially if you have scars on visible places.

However, it may be a health problem, because scar tissue have not only different look than the surrounding skin, but it is also less resistant to pressure, tension and sun. In places of scars are extinct sweat and sebaceous glands and consequence of the injury is often hair loss in place of scar.

Methods for scar removal

There are several ways to achieve most visible scar removal. The choice of a suitable method always depends on the type, size and origin of the scar.

At RYANT clinic we use methods such as solution BNMP + TNF alpha, CO2 laser, scalpel extension (excision) or chemical peel. If you want to know more details about the different methods you can read the blog article about removing the scars.

The advantage of the procedure at our clinic is above standard extra care. Pleasant and comfortable non-allergenic silicone patch is ready for you, which is applied to a new skin and acts as a protective layer which improves the final cosmetic effect of healing.

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What you should know
before the procedure

The various methods have their contraindications meaning the status when cannot take these procedures. Also be aware of what to expect after the procedure and how to take care of the surgical area.

  • The solution BMNP + TNF alpha 

It cannot be taken by patients with decompensated diabetes, pregnant women and people who take digoxin.


  • CO2 laser 

It is inappropriate to apply to sunlight expose the areas to direct sunlight for at least three months, so it is best to take the procedure in the winter season, or strictly protect the treated area with UVF 50+.

  • Scalpel excision (excision) 

After the procedure you will have the wound stitched up treated with sterile procedure and sterile treated. The wound have to stay in calm, do not work out, and keep dry and clean. Stitches are usually removed after 7-14 days depending on the extent and area of excision.

  • Chemical peel 

Peel is recommended not to be taken before the summer, there is a risk of pigmentation on the face, neck and backs of the hands. In case of application before the summer, it is necessary to use a UV protection factor of 50+. It is advisable to take 3-6 examinations with hindsight of 2 weeks. When application is taken in a non-certified centres, there is a risk of burn and skin pigmentation. However, using poor materials and low concentration of solutions will be result without adequate peel effect.

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