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Get rid of orange peel on the skin

Cellulite is an aesthetic disorder of distribution of fat reserves under the skin. Basically, the skin has appearance of the orange peel. It mostly affects the thighs, bottom, abdomen and arms. Cellulite affects more women than men. Why? Because the woman's skin is thinner and softer, and fat pads are located under the skin and therefore they are more visible.

The shock wave to reduce cellulite

When you are choosing a treatment, it is important to answer truthfully what will really work and what will not. In general it is said that it is important to change the lifestyle in combination with exercise, or lymphatic drainage for better blood congestion. The truth is that the final effect is rarely influenced by lifestyle. And a lot of slim, healthy living women have cellulite. 

RYANT clinic brings you a solution that guarantees visible results after just a few treatments. It is called ESWT and it is currently the most effective method of preventing and cellulite treatment.

ESWT is a combination of a mechanical massage with high frequency (up to 15 pulses per second) and the skin and subcutis stimulation with sound shock wave. Combining these two technologies, this method has visible results. The principle of the treatment is to provoke start of burning process in fatty tissue, improve congestion and stimulate collagen. The procedure not only breaks the cellulite but also helps to ensure a rejuvenated looking of the skin.

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Because we are following the latest trends and we bring to our clients methods, which really work and it is worth to invest in them. ESWT is a unique technology that is used successfully around the world for several years with injuries and treating patients with mobility problems. Besides the excellent results in the treatment of painful joints, it was established later in aesthetic medicine. It showed significant improvements signs of cellulite. Currently, we at RYANT clinic offer this treatment as the only one clinic in Žilina. The device is certified, safe and it is always operated by experienced medical staff. 

What you should know
before the procedure

The procedure cannot be taken by patients with pacemaker, untreated epilepsy or patients after freshly healed bone breaks or more precisely after similar injuries and surgeries.

The procedure is painless and during this procedure you cosily relax as at massage. After the treatment, you should keep the increased fluid intake. That will help leach fat substance and metabolic toxins from the body that are released during the procedure.

The procedure should be repeated 1-2 times per week. We recommend to use it for interscapular and back muscles massage as well, in this area it can release muscle spasms and relieve back pain. It is appropriate to take at least 5 treatments to achieve a visible effect.

More about the procedure, read our blog  How to effectively get rid of cellulite? 

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