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Do you want to have fuller lips?

Don’t you like the size or shape of your lips? Filling material or a special procedure called augmentation.

The procedure is focused on lip enlargement and adjustment, to lift of fallen corners, to optical shortening or extension of lips, to attend side asymmetry, to accentuate the lip heart, to fill up empty, wrinkled lips or to fill up vertical, called smoking wrinkle on the upper lip

How is augmentation done?

The lips are corrected with absorbable filler of hyaluronic acid. There are many types of this material, we sort it according to type of entanglement with collagen (biphasic, mohophasic). With contrast to older types of acid we can implant the new advanced materials out to very surface too, because it is not visible anymore. The material is absorbed in the body overtime. The effect lasts for approximately 6-12 months, depending on the type of material and the rate of degradation of client's metabolism. Hyaluronic acid is applied in the form of transparent gel with thin needle into the lips ruddy parts or at the lines around the lips.

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Why at our clinic?

At our clinic we use several types of filling materials only from reputable manufactures. These materials are a guarantee of quality and at the same time will ensure you the absolute safety of the procedure. Saving on materials is not worth it, because the using of poor materials will not work and can also have devastating health consequences.

Our personal champion of the quality is filling material Dermalax. It contains anaesthetic substance lidocaine which during and after fill application anaesthetizes lips, the procedure is therefore less painful.

Durability of this filler is also slightly longer about 10-12 months. However, absorbing of filler is individual, it depends on the metabolism of the organism, strength of facial expressions or if taking a sauna is more often.

What you should know
before the procedure

Injecting a filler material is a bit painful, so we are doing a procedure option under local or dental anaesthesia. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes, after its completion you can expect smooth swelling and redness. However, you will not need to take a day off at work, as a possible swelling, redness or bruise immediately possible to cover with make-up.

We recommend to take the surgery at weekend, because of these subtle aesthetic effects that can last 1-2 days. Possible bruises can heal within 7-10 days.

Swelling usually subsides within four days since application. In rare cases it happens that the filler remains subtly asymmetrical. In this case, you need to come to see a doctor for additional application of fill on the place where there is the lack of it.

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