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Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population suffers from different sorts of allergies today. They are often undetected and showed as eczema, itchy, scaly and erythematous induces, skin rashes, eventually as hives (urticaria), puffiness or anaphylactic shock. This kind of allergies can spoil everyday life, or can be potentially life-threatening. It is good to know about them and avoid allergens which cause these statues to a man.

How to find out which kinds of allergens bother you? Our skin allergological clinic will hep you. We are specialized in skin allergy tests, which show hypersensitivity to chemicals at home and work environment and 20 the most common food allergens that commonly occur in Central Europe.

Do you want to know more about individual types of allergies? Read our blog about allergological testing

Why our allergological clinic?

At our RYANT clinic testing in a comfortable area, even in the afternoon is available to you. You shall make an appointment for testing in advance, on the time, you will have full attention for our doctor and everything will explained in detail.

In our skin allergological clinic we solve especially allergic skin reactions. If you have other allergic reactions, although, the tests can reveal the type of allergen which bothers you, but beyond the skin reactions you will have to visit a standard allergological clinic.

However, if you have weakened immunity and allergies became evident due to the immunity, immunotherapy can help you, which can be prescribed by your doctor - specialist dermatologist.

Allergological clinic

Make an appointment and try our services "on your own skin"

How does it work?

First of all, you should make an appointment for the initial examination, that costs €17. As a part of this examination, you will discuss your problem with the doctor and we will arrange the term of testing.

At RYANT we are doing two types of allergy testing.

The first is called PRICK testing or intracutaneous tests - professionally, which can show the allergies of 1. stage (food intolerance).

The second type is called epicutaneous testing, which can show contact (skin) allergens.

Both types of tests are painless and show reliably particular types of allergens, which you have to avoid. At the same time, your doctor shall recommend the appropriate type of treatment for the local allergic symptoms

You do not need letter of referral from your general practitioner, however, it is better (unnecessary) to bring your medical record.

Price list

Allergological examinations


Examination / consultation

€ 17

Check-up after examination

€ 10

Intracutaneous tests (scratching)

€ 50

Epicutaneouse testing (adhesive patches)

€ 50

* making an appointment exact term is included in the price of examination  

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MUDr. TOMÁŠ RYANT dermatologist specialist

Since 2007, he worked in several prestigious Slovak clinics of aesthetic medicine, as well as in the Czech republic in the clinic of skin and venereal diseases. He completed work placements at the Department of alternative treatments of skin diseases Leutenberg in Germany and in Diagnosis Centre Lommel in Belgium.

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